Clocks vary in size and type. Some have inlaid mechanisms with white or gold faces, others have gold chapter rings and some have numbers or roman numerals directly on the wood

All clocks have a five year guarantee and come complete with battery and instructions

American Black Walnut with barometer


Apple with gold chapter ring



Ash with skeleton clock


Burr Oak clock with white oval face 


English Walnut with gold chapter ring 



Elm (left) and Ash (right) with white faced inset clocks



Burr Oak with roman numerals 



Mahogany with white faced alarm clock 



Burr Oak, brass face with roman numerals and glass bezel 


Burr Elm with gold faced inset clock 



Ash with stylised numbers and glass bezel 



Burr Oak with gold numbers and hands 



Mahogany with glass bezel and gold roman numerals and hands  



Burr Oak with gold roman numerals and hands